Single End

Number 10848
Product Krones
Model Lavapur KES 212-22-080
Performance 27.000 b/h
Equipment glass bottles
Year 1996
Delivery promptly
Output range 11.000 - 33.000 bottles/h
Bottle Pocket 22 pieces each row
Cell Pitch 80 mm
Drive Execution universal joint shaft
Housing One piece
Cell Pockets Steel pockets with plastic insert
Heating With steam pressure (3-4 bar)
Execution Rotary jetting unit
Head disinfection system
H2 - extraction system
Automatically fine debris removal unit with clocked sieving conveyors and sieving conveyor spraying system
Warm water I and II, cold water, pre-soak tank, water zone and head in stainless steel
Control Unit Siemens S5 115U - without reconditioning
Siemens S7 - with reconditioning
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