Single End

Number 10800
Product Krones
Model Lavatec KES 430-35-110
Performance 42.000 b/h
Equipment glass bottles
Year 2000
Output Range 17.000 - 50.000 b/h
Housing one part
Housing Width 430
Number Of Bottle Cell Per Row 35 pcs
Cell Pitch 110 mm
Kinf Of Cell Steel pockets with plastic insert
Heating Heating with heating water (145 degree - max. 10 bar) without return temperature control
Accessories Insulating cold discharge
Automatic fine sieve extraction
Rotary jetting unit
Fume extraction system, steam extraction system residual liquid/pre-soak tank
Degasing, caustic concentration measure
Control Unit Siemens S7
Voltage 230 / 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Kind Of Current 3 PH / N / PE
Control Voltage 24 V DC
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