Carton Packer

Number 101432
Product Meypack
Model VP 531
Performance 60 pulses/min
Equipment Wraparound carton 3x2
Year 2011
Delivery promptly
Execution Bottle infeed with 3 lanes with servo drives for carton 3x2
Carton magazine for stacked carton folder
Folding, glueing and pressing on unit with crank adjustable
Gluing unit Nordson PROblue 10 with 5 glue pipes
Full carton measures Min. 120x180x100mm
Max. 400x430x350mm
Folder measures Min. 200x250mm
Max. 1250x700mm
Max. Bottle diameter 95mm
Operating panel Touch panel with Simatic Multipane
Inclusive Bottle conveyor (infeed)
Distribution unit - Make Steinle SFT
Control unit Siemens S7-400
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