Paper label - cold

Number 101457
Product Krones
Model Prontomodul I 720-12
Performance 13.000 b/h
Equipment body, back
Year 2007
Delivery Jan 22
Batch Standard
Direction R-L
Pitch 188,5 mm
Output range 4.000 till 13.750 bottles/h
Bottle table Bottle turning with servo drives Danfoss
12 pieces bottle plates
Number of docking stations 2 pieces
Labelling station - module 2 pieces cold glue labelling station for paper labels
Label length max. 180mm, steel glue roller
Model 5-5-180
Additional equipment Bottle orientation via side wall extraction in infeed star
Bottle counter
Clamp stars
Roll-on station in discharge
Lubrication Central lubrication panel
Control cabinet Free standing with doors
Machine safety Full safety lift door execution
Voltage 230/400V
Frequency 50Hz
Control unit Siemens S7
Pneumatic Festo
Additional labelling stations 2 pieces Autocol-station APS 3 for self-adhesive labels
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