Self-adhesive labels

Number 201357
Product Kosme
Model Flexa Combicol 1200-20-6/Taxo 720-12
Performance 13.000 b/h
Equipment Self adhesive label from a reel and tax stripe U-shape
Year 2018
Delivery promptly
Batch Standard
Direction R-L
Operating hour Approx. 1.100 hours
Pitch 188 mm
Number of bottle plates 20 pieces
Number of labelling stations 6 pieces
Kind of labelling stations 5x self adhesive station Kosme M100 / 1x Taxomatic station Krones 720-12
Additional equipment Optical bottle orientation on bottle table
Fixing of tax stripe via hot glue
Machine safety in hinged door execution
Central lubrication panel
Coding Ink Jet
Operating Touchdisplay B&R - on machine
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Control cabinet Separate located with air condition
Pneumatic SMC
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