Paper label - cold

Number 201338
Product Krones
Model Multimodul II 2400-60-8-8-130
Performance 60.000 b/h
Equipment Body, neck, neck around, back
Year 2012
Delivery promptly
Batch Frontal/Parallel
Direction R-L
Output range 8.000 till 66.000 b/h
Number of bottle plates 60 pcs
Number of stations 3 pcs
Execution of labelling station Modul execution
Cold glue labelling station 8-8-130
Label length max. 130 mm
Steel glue roller
Execution Machine existed with pre-table and carousel
6 docking stations
Fix handling parts and clamp stars for different bottle diameter
Bottle table with Danfoss controlled drives für bottle turning, orientation by camera
2 discharge stars
Machine full safety
Central lubrication - progressive distributor Lincoln
Accessories Checkmat for label and filling height control
Coding Ink-Jet
Operating 15" color display B&R ZenOn V6.22
Voltage 230/400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Control unit Siemens S7-300
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