Paper label - cold

Number 201147
Product Krones
Model Topmatic 1800-45-8-9-130
Performance 57.000 b/h
Equipment body, neck, back
Year 1997
Delivery promptly
Batch Parallel
Direction R-L
Number of bottle plates 45 pieces
Number of labelling station 2 pieces
Labelling station 8-9-130 (N71)
Label length 40-130 mm
Steel glue roller
Table cam Prepared for foiling
Safety equipment Full safety - lift version
Lubrication Central lubrication: Make Lincoln
Pneumatic Make Bosch
Voltage 220/380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Kind of current 3 Ph/N/PE
Control voltage 24 V DC
Control cabinet Separate located (steel)
Control unit PLC Siemens S5 115 U
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