Empty Bottle Inspection

Number 101206
Product Krones
Model Linatronic M2
Performance 66.000 b/h
Equipment bottom, neck finish, thread, 2x caustic, side wall
Year 2006
Delivery promptly
Direction R-L
Inspection systems Bottom inspection - camera
Neck finish inspection - camera
Thread inspection - camera with cone optic
Side wall inspection - camera
Residual liquids and residual caustic inspection via high frequency and infra red
Detection of transparent foil on bottle bottom and bottle side wall
Side wall module 2 side wall module, 2x3 view, 30° mirrow assembly
Side wall lightning LED-lamp for using of transparent and brown bottles
Scuffing detection With side wall camera
Rejection Dirty bottle rejection on machine discharge
Additional equipment Operating via 15" touch screen in color
Full safety with hinged doors without frame
Voltage 230/400V
Frequency 50Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Control unit Siemens S7 300
Control cabinet On machine with cooling unit
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