Number 101293
Product Krones
Model VP-VI 070/SV 10/SOV 10-113
Performance 10.500 b/h (still wine)
Equipment 0,25 l, 0,75 l sparkling wine and 1,0 l Schlegel
Year 1993
Delivery promptly
Batch Standard
Direction L-R
Output range 4.000 - 15.000 b/h
Product Still wine, sparkling wine with 10 g/l CO2-content, 15 °C (8.000 bottles/h at 0,75 l)
Execution Height adjustment filler upper part motorized
Automatic splinter washout system
Manual CIP-shut-off valves
Capper 1 Make Zalkin, ALU screw capper, pick and place, MCA 28 and 30/60 cap
Capper 2 Make Zalkin, poly crown cap
Capper 3 Make Seitz, corker, separate located, control via filler
Voltage 220/380 V
Control voltage 24 V DC
Frequency 50 Hz
Control unit Siemens S7-300 (control upgrade 2015)
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