Number 101248
Product Krones
Model VK2V 050-113 / Prontomatic 720-18-480-8-6-130
Performance 19.000 b/h
Equipment Beer in 0,5 l glass bottle
Year 1991
Delivery promptly
Batch Bloc
Direction R-L
Filler VK2V 050-113
Pitch of filler 113 mm
Number of filling valves 50 pieces
Direction filler R-L
Filler execution Mechanical filling system, height adjustment system of filler bowl, automatic splinter washout system
Bottle spraying system, high-pressure injection system
Capper Crown capper 10-113
Number of capping heads 10 pieces
Execution capper Height adjustment system of capper top part
Labelling machine Prontomatic 720-18-480-8-6-130
Direction labelling machine L-R
Labelling station 2 pieces, Krones cold-glue labelling station (N18), steel glue roller
Machine safety Full guarding designed with lift-doors
Lubrication Central lubrication terminal
Control unit Schleicher P03
Voltage 220/380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
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