Number 201213
Product Krones
Model Viscofill SC 1440-40-113
Performance 42.000 b/h
Equipment 250g jars
Year 2016
Delivery promptly
Batch Winkel
Direction L-R
Filling product Liquid-pasteurized liquid-food via piston
Babyfood, jam, milk product, spread with pieces till max. 8x8x8mm
Filling temperature 20°C till 85°C possible
Container Glass- or other single standing container
Container volume 40ml - 350ml
Container diameter 45mm - 105mm
Container height 50mm - 250mm
Equipment motorized height adjustment
Agitator fix, 2x mixer
Cross discharge for spill over
Operating 15" touchcscreen, B&R ZenOn - color display
Voltage 230/400V
Frequency 50Hz
Control unit Siemens S7 300
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