Number 101347
Product Krones
Model Contiflow 15/2
Performance 5,0 -15,0 l/h at mixing ration 1:1000
Equipment Flavour dosing for water dissolving flavours
Year 2018
Delivery promptly
Product Still flavoured water
Mixing ration 1 l concentrate / 1000 l finished product
Dosing capacity Maximum 15,0 l/h dosing accuracy 1 Sigma = 1% of recipe value
Product-contacting parts Rust-proof stainless steel
Execution 2 dosing pumps
Conductimetry product discharge, sampling valves
Gas sterile filter without steam connection, valve design flap valves
CIP valve control automatic
Operation 15'' colour display with ZenOn
Voltage 230/400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Control unit Siemens S7 300
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